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Name: Steven Cranston     delete
Date: 05/15/13
Message: I have been wanting to do my Reiki for years i have never connected with the right person to take me through my attunement. Siobhan is a lovely lady and a very special friend. During the day i felt completely relaxed and really enjoyed the whole experience! Alhough the day is personal to each and every person i think Siobhan brings a special energy to it. The whole day was very chilled and an absoulute honour to be attuned by such a wonderful master!!! Namaste Master White

Name: Michelle Rugg

Date: 08/06/14

I Met Siobhan through a group I go to and was instantly drawn to her then I found out why. She is a very loving, caring person and would do anything to help and her being a reiki master I was intrigued as I have had reiki before. I knew this was a new direction for me to be attuned to reiki and help others. I have now completed my level 2 yesterday and it was a amazing experience I saw lots of colours, animals and much more. Energy is wonderful around Siobhan and this has been a experience that will never leave me! Thanks so much


Name: Pam Turnbull delete
Date: 05/29/12
Message: Having been diagnosed with breast cancer at 39 yrs old I thought I needed all the help I could get & when Siobhan said she could send me Reiki on a weekly basis I jumped at the idea. Well I wasn't disapointed, I had 6 chemos & 5 weeks radio therapy & I could count on one hand how many days I felt poorly & even less days down in the dumps. I seemed to have less side effects than everybody else, was quite annoyingly happy & content in a bad situation. I really feel the Reiki helped me get through what could have been a very depressing time with a feel good feeling & most days even with a smile :)))



Name: Maz delete
Date: 06/01/12
Message: Siobhan gave me reiki when I was feeling really stressed out and couldn't sleep. Not only did it help the first night but the cumulative effect meant I benefited and slept deeper all week. It's amazing how being so far away from each other and we haven't met in person but it totally works!


Name: Mairi delete
Date: 05/29/12
Message: I met Siobhan through my old horse Tom. He had just returned from a clinic after being seriously ill with bacterial pneumonia and had lost the use of one lung. he was extremely thin and debilitated and had basically given up on life. Siobbhan contacted me after reading about him on an equestrian forum and offered her help. The difference after one week of her sending him reiki was incredible! His appetite picked up and the spark began to return to his eye. He is now a healthy and energetic 26 year old and keeps my yearling mule on his toes. I cannot recommend Siobhan highly enough and without her, I am convinced that Tom would have died. Mairi. (Italy)



Name: Morag Clark

Date 5/28/12

I just want to share our experience with Siobhan at reiki-scotland. My Mum was diagnosed with bowel cancer, completely out of the blue in September last year. Each appointment brought worse and darker news. The cancer had spread to her lungs and the worst part was it had spread to her liver. Mum had a pre-existing auto-immune disorder of the liver and this was just the worst thing that could happen. Siobhan, who is a dear friend, offered straight away to do reiki on my Mum, mainly to calm her mentally as she was waiting for all the test's and scans. Mum's first reiki session was the most emotional and spiritual experience, really for Mum, myself and Siobhan. From that moment forward Mum decided that the cancer was not going to beat her. The mental calmness from the first few reiki sessions were the utmost as Mum was told she would need her bowel tumour removed and to have hysterectomy. She would be in hospital for 2 weeks and the first 5 days in Intensive Care. Siobhan was giving my Mum distance reiki as well as seeing her and made plans to reiki my Mum when she was going to be in hospital. She also taught my Mum to call on it herself and arranged this. Well 2 hours after surgery, Mum was sitting up in bed, chatting as normal as looking fab. Checking Siobhan was going to give her a session that night in Intensive Care. On ward rounds the Cons told the junior staff my Mum was unique in her recovery and that she was in no way the norm. She was home on day 5 after her op! All the while Siobhan reiki'd my Mum, thus her health was so good she only waited 3 weeks before embarking on what was billed to be a nightmare of chemo for 4 months. If her hair did not fall out it would thin, she would be sick and ill and susceptible to colds and virus'. Well, Mum pretty muched breezed through her chemo with her hair as lush and thick as normal. Siobhan was reiki-ing Mum all this time from appointments and distance. After only 3 chemo sessions Mum was told the cancer was all but invisible on scan and was only half way through her treatment. At her end of chemo treatment appointment she was told her recovery had been remarkable and non-typical. It has been the best response they have seen. Mum attributes this all to her reiki, as do the rest of the family. We would in no way have not taken the medical treatment and chemo but Mum's recovery has been phenomenal. Her Oncologist say's so. I knew Siobhan had used her reiki on a cancer sufferer before and had great results and when Mum knew this wanted to try it. Mum still gets her reiki and will do so for the rest of her long and happy life. Her cancer may come back but Siobhan wards its severity off and ensures my Mum keeps well physically and mentally. We attribute the reiki to assisting the chemo to rid her body of the cancer. 9 months later and we are all starting to come to terms with a life after cancer. We could never thank Siobhan enough for what she has done for my Mum and family.


Name: Denise Scott     
Date: 02/29/08
Message: Nice to meet you and thank you for your visit to my very stressed mare, Gabbi. A noticable difference since your visit and looking forward to the next one.


Date: 02/26/08
Message: I have witnessed a treatment that turned a very tense pony into a Yawning/sleepy..head on floor,relaxed little boy.



Name: Uta Myers     

Date: 01/25/08
Message: Two month after our cat Julie had a car accident the same happened to her brother Timmy. ( Same birthday - same fate or due to living on the same busy road? )Timmy survived with a lame foreleg and a terrible depression. Since we know Siobhan from ealier on, I asked again for help... By now Timmy had to live with the lame leg for 3 months, but after Siobhan´s treatment he was able to deal with it and seemed to be very happy and content. Just 3 days ago he had a major surgery to enable him to use his leg again and due to another Distant Reiki he accepts all the bandages and stuff and it almost seems that he understands why he needs to be patient. He is happy and I am confident that he will use all 4 paws again! Thank you, Siobhan.


Name: Jayne     
Date: 01/24/08
Message: Thank you Siobhan for helping so many cats that are connected to Crete, best wishes, Jayne.



Name: Uta Myers    
Date: 01/24/08
Message: Dear Siobhan, We all thank you so much for the great support and healing energies you have sent to Julie after she had a very bad car accident last summer. She was closer to death than to life. Today she is fully recovered and a happy and healthy cat. Thank you.

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